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The beautiful red Frank Muller Lady Quartz Brief Review

Why has Frank Muller, a brand that has only been around for two decades, been so popular with watch enthusiasts? I think that in
replica Franck Muller addition to its solid workmanship of the movement, another feature is the excellent design. Today we bring you a women’s quartz watch, the flamboyant colors and fashionable shape is my first impression, then you come with me to learn more about this Frank Muller. COLOR DREAMS 6002 MQ Z R75 Watch Bar.

The beautiful red Frank Muller Lady Quartz Brief Review

If I had to use one word to describe this watch, there are many words that come to mind, such as “beautiful”, “beautiful”, “vivid”, “colorful”, “colorful”, etc. But I can’t think of the best word to use, because I feel that a single word can’t express all the beauty of this watch.

First of all, let’s take a look at the dial structure of this watch, the dial is in silvery white with various colors of the time scale indication, the two bright blue hands are also using the shape of the design is not very common, other watches have a willow leaf, blue sword, etc., this shape I really don’t know what to call, some of you can post a message.

The beautiful red Frank Muller Lady Quartz Brief Review

The thickness of the side of the watch is about 10 millimeters, the entire case is a curved design of this design in addition to individuality and beauty, there is a benefit is more comfortable to wear. The back of the watch is made of 18k gold seal material, and there is no transparent back, because this watch uses quartz movement, so even if the use of transparent back ornamental will be greatly reduced.

The whole watch looks very beautiful, the smooth design and colorful colors, so there is a reason why it is favored and liked by many girls. The strap and lugs are thoughtfully designed with a small stopper clasp to prevent the strap from bending too much, which will better protect the strap and the comfort of wearing the watch. The watch puller really has a gleaming feel to it, and since it’s a quartz movement there’s no extra buttons either, just a puller for adjusting the time.

The beautiful red Frank Muller Lady Quartz Brief Review

The crocodile leather strap looks very well made, I think it’s hand stitched. The inside of the strap looks like it will have the English name of Farak Muller engraved on one end, and the stitching on the sides is also red thread to match the outside of the strap more closely. The 18 karat gold pin buckle and the beige red strap together with the visual effect is very prominent, one yellow and one red look especially bright and conspicuous, and not at all vulgar. Finally, we take a look at this timepiece, the colorful colors with the individuality of the hands and fashionable design style, which will make girls love to put it down.

Youth is a colorful and dreamy age, dreaming of all things beautiful, this watch fashionable design style, gorgeous colors with the top workmanship is very consistent with those young girls dream.

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