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The beautiful red Frank Muller Lady Quartz Brief Review

Why has Frank Muller, a brand that has only been around for two decades, been so popular with watch enthusiasts? I think that in
replica Franck Muller addition to its solid workmanship of the movement, another feature is the excellent design. Today we bring you a women’s quartz watch, the flamboyant colors and fashionable shape is my first impression, then you come with me to learn more about this Frank Muller. COLOR DREAMS 6002 MQ Z R75 Watch Bar.

The beautiful red Frank Muller Lady Quartz Brief Review

If I had to use one word to describe this watch, there are many words that come to mind, such as “beautiful”, “beautiful”, “vivid”, “colorful”, “colorful”, etc. But I can’t think of the best word to use, because I feel that a single word can’t express all the beauty of this watch.

First of all, let’s take a look at the dial structure of this watch, the dial is in silvery white with various colors of the time scale indication, the two bright blue hands are also using the shape of the design is not very common, other watches have a willow leaf, blue sword, etc., this shape I really don’t know what to call, some of you can post a message.

The beautiful red Frank Muller Lady Quartz Brief Review

The thickness of the side of the watch is about 10 millimeters, the entire case is a curved design of this design in addition to individuality and beauty, there is a benefit is more comfortable to wear. The back of the watch is made of 18k gold seal material, and there is no transparent back, because this watch uses quartz movement, so even if the use of transparent back ornamental will be greatly reduced.

The whole watch looks very beautiful, the smooth design and colorful colors, so there is a reason why it is favored and liked by many girls. The strap and lugs are thoughtfully designed with a small stopper clasp to prevent the strap from bending too much, which will better protect the strap and the comfort of wearing the watch. The watch puller really has a gleaming feel to it, and since it’s a quartz movement there’s no extra buttons either, just a puller for adjusting the time.

The beautiful red Frank Muller Lady Quartz Brief Review

The crocodile leather strap looks very well made, I think it’s hand stitched. The inside of the strap looks like it will have the English name of Farak Muller engraved on one end, and the stitching on the sides is also red thread to match the outside of the strap more closely. The 18 karat gold pin buckle and the beige red strap together with the visual effect is very prominent, one yellow and one red look especially bright and conspicuous, and not at all vulgar. Finally, we take a look at this timepiece, the colorful colors with the individuality of the hands and fashionable design style, which will make girls love to put it down.

Youth is a colorful and dreamy age, dreaming of all things beautiful, this watch fashionable design style, gorgeous colors with the top workmanship is very consistent with those young girls dream.

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FRANCK MULLER Famulan Geneva Haute Horlogerie Show 2017 Gravity Skeleton

The replica Franck Muller watches is a new addition to the Vanguard Gravity collection, a symbol of evolution and innovation in watchmaking, with a new skeletonized design that combines cutting-edge technology and refined craftsmanship. The innovative construction of the movement, including the transformation of the bridges into convex ones, gives the watch a unique look. The intricate structure and clean lines of this skeletonized Gravity watch are striking, and the colorful tourbillon cage and skeletonized hands create an eye-catching effect.

FRANCK MULLER Famulan Geneva Haute Horlogerie Show 2017 Gravity Skeleton

The textures and shapes of the case echo the pioneering style of the Gravity collection and reflect the strong personality of this timepiece, a true masterpiece of Watchland’s master watchmakers’ craftsmanship and extraordinary use of materials, which combine ingenious design and innovative technology to create the Gravity Skeleton.

FRANCK MULLER Famulan Geneva Haute Horlogerie Show 2017 Gravity Skeleton

The new Gravity Skeleton, available in a variety of colors and with a distinctive look, is the result of the finest Swiss watchmaking expertise. The aluminium components are anodised and available in a choice of colours such as orange, yellow, blue and purple.

FRANCK MULLER Famulan Geneva Haute Horlogerie Show 2017 Gravity Skeleton


Movement: CS-03.SQT
Movement: Mechanical hand-wound movement
Dimensions of movement: 38.4 x 39.6mm Thickness: 8.70mm
Display: hours, minutes
Function: Time setting
Power reserve: 5 days
Frequency: 18,800 vibrations per hour
Number of parts: 237
Number of gems: 24
Water resistance: 3 ATM
Movement finishing: anodized aluminium, black PVD, 18-carat gold or rhodium plated
Dial: skeletonized
Case: carbon fiber, PVD-coated titanium, steel, 18-carat gold
Case size: 44mm x 53.70mm x 15.10mm
Strap: rubber (bottom) and nylon (top) and coloured stitching

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FRANCK MULLER Sincerely Selected by Famulan

FRANCK MULLER, the Geneva-based Haute Horlogerie brand, has selected a collection of magnificent timepieces to bless your loved ones: the classic and elegant Vanguard Lady Moonphase, the Cintrée Curvex Lady Moonphase, and the sparkling and noble Flower Collection.

Vanguard Lady Moonphase

FRANCK MULLER Vanguard Lady Moonphase Steel and diamond watch
FRANCK MULLER Cintrée Curvex Lady Moonphase Pink gold watch

The elegant lines of the Lady Moonphase’s case and the sun-embossed dial with its moon phase display at 6 o’clock mirror each other. The moon phase display draws the wearer’s attention to the changes in the phases of the moon, which are reflected in the
replica Franck Muller watches sun-embossed dial at 6 o’clock. The design of this watch is classic and elegant, but it also caters to women who appreciate haute horlogerie. Available in a choice of Vanguard or Cintrée Curvex cases, the new dials in this collection are uniquely designed to give the watch the ultimate in femininity.

FRANCK MULLER Flower Collection Pink gold diamond watch

The iconic design of the Long Island collection is distinguished by its architecturally beautiful case and embossed and appliquéd numerals. This new dial of the Flower Collection is inspired by the world of flowers and blossoms. The elegant white orchid on the dial is a symbol of love, wealth and power. The mother-of-pearl dial has a subtle sparkle that complements the hues of the flowers in relief appliqué.

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Franck Muller New Master Square Playa Collection

FRANCK MULLER® unveils the new Master Square Playa collection, an elegant, sleek and feminine expression of this summer’s must-have. replica Santos de Cartier Chronograph Elegant yet sporty, the design of this timepiece is a must-have for this summer.

Franck Muller New Master Square Playa Collection

This latest addition to the collection is suitable for everyday wear, but is even more gorgeous in the warm summer sunshine. Driven by a quartz movement, this captivating watch is available in a choice of steel, 18-carat red gold or 18-carat white gold cases. The dial, made entirely by FRANCK MULLER®, is decorated with embossed Roman numerals for clear readability. The wrist model is fitted with a rubber strap with a folding clasp in steel, 18 Ct red gold or 18 Ct white gold.

Franck Muller New Master Square Playa Collection

6002 M QZ Parameter
Movement: quartz movement
Display: hours, minutes
Movement finishing: Côtes de Genève, diamond-polished, rhodium-plated
Dial: white matte dial, Roman numerals
Case: square, stainless steel, 18-carat red gold, 18-carat white gold
Case size: W 32.7 mm x D 40.7 mm
Strap: Rubber strap

Franck Muller New Master Square Playa Collection

6002 L QZ Parameter
Movement: Quartz
Display: hours, minutes
Movement finishing: Côtes de Genève, diamond-polished, rhodium-plated
Dial: white matte dial, Roman numerals
Case: square, stainless steel, 18-carat red gold, 18-carat white gold
Case size: W 29.4 mm x D 36.5 mm
Strap: Rubber strap

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A thoughtful and blissful presentation of Franck Muller’s 2015 Christmas collection.

As Christmas 2015 is approaching, Franck Muller is pleased to present a selection of elegant and exquisite timepieces to warm her or his wrist during this festive season. The selection includes the Cintrée Curvex Ladies Automatic, a jewellery watch with a mechanical movement for women who love fine mechanical watches, the Vanguard Lady with its exquisite details, the Vanguard Carbon for men with a modern and futuristic appeal, the sporty and chic Vanguard Carbon for men with a modern and futuristic
replica Franck Muller watches style, the sporty and chic Vanguard Carbon for men with a modern and futuristic style, the sporty and chic Vanguard Carbon for men with a modern and futuristic style, the sporty and chic Vanguard Carbon for men with a modern and futuristic style, the sporty and chic Vanguard Carbon for men with a modern and futuristic style. Master Banker Triple Time Zone.

FRANCK MULLER Cintrée Curvex Ladies Automatic rose gold and diamond watch

Franck Muller’s innovative and complex technology, combined with meticulous design, has been pioneered, patented and embraced worldwide. Each of these masterpieces embodies the essence of the Franck Muller brand, a technical feat that has marked the history of Haute Horlogerie with unlimited creativity and the highest quality, earning it the nickname “Master of Complications”.

Franck Muller’s new Cintrée Curvex Ladies Automatic is a jewellery watch with a mechanical movement for women who love fine mechanical watches. The movement can be admired through the sapphire crystal case back. The watch is equipped with an automatic movement with a 42-hour power reserve. The iconic Cintrée Curvex case is a collector’s item with a diamond-set “FM” marker in the centre of the dial. The watch is available in 18-carat pink gold or in a diamond-set case, giving it a perfect shimmering appearance. The new Cintrée Curvex Ladies Automatic is available exclusively in exclusive boutiques.

FRANCK MULLER Cintrée Curvex Ladies Automatic rose gold and diamond watch

The Vanguard collection has been enriched by a new women’s watch with exquisite details and an elegant and charming look. Inspired by the perfect lines of the Cintrée Curvex, this watch further emphasizes the enchanting elegance of the Vanguard collection. The Vanguard Lady is enhanced by sumptuous details that enhance its beauty. The sun-embossed dial, set with black or white numerals in relief, is soft and chic, and perfectly complements the bold and dynamic design of the case. The new collection’s eye-catching case is sporty, yet elegant and feminine.

The Vanguard collection welcomes a new creation: the first Franck Muller watch with a carbon fiber case. Carbon fiber is extremely strong and light, and is widely used in aerospace and military applications. Carbon fiber gives the Vanguard an eye-catching contemporary twist. The entire case, including the threads, is made from a single piece of carbon fiber in a meticulous process. The new Vanguard Carbon Fibre watch presents a modern and futuristic look for men in an unprecedented way.

This luxurious watch for men is a perfect blend of eye-catching design and advanced technology; the strap is stitched with colored stitching between cordura fabric and black rubber. The Vanguard Carbon Fibre opens a new chapter in Franck Muller’s modern and innovative watches.

Vanguard Lady Full Diamond Steel Watch

Master Banker

The new Master Banker collection brings a fresh and dynamic design to the brand’s iconic watches. Inspired by Wall Street’s business elite, the new Master Banker is equipped with three different time zone displays, all adjustable via a single crown, so that the wearer can instantly read the time at stock exchange locations around the world. The center of the dial shows the local time (hours and minutes) and there are hour and minute counters at 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock to show the other two world time zones.

The sun-embossed dial, decorated with a world map, underlines the oneworld concept of this watch. The watch combines functionality, aesthetics and horological sophistication. The new luminescent hour-markers, both modern and sporty, give the watch a distinctive look and a contemporary touch.

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History of the FRANCK MULLER Group

Founded in 1991 by Vartan Sirmakes and Franck Muller, the Franck Muller Group has become one of the most important Haute Horlogerie companies in the world in less than 15 years. Its watchmaking headquarters, Watchland, is located in Genthod, a small town near Geneva, and is famous for its breathtaking views of Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc.

History of the FRANCK MULLER Group

Franck Muller’s history of challenging traditional watchmaking traditions, its exquisite watchmaking expertise in the creation of complex models, and its completely innovative, contemporary design have contributed to the brand’s advanced position. In
replica Franck Muller watches fact, since its inception, the Group has invested heavily in its design and research departments. The current global development of the FRANCK MULLER Group can be summarized as follows: an annual production of 50,000 watches, 9 brands, 1,000 employees, 10 watchmaking locations, mainly in Geneva and Jura, Switzerland, 36 boutiques worldwide, and 5.5 million watches over the next two to four years, An investment of CHF 10 million.

History of the FRANCK MULLER Group

The key to the success of the FRANCK MULLER brand.

Committed to perpetuating the great traditions of watchmaking by developing or creating never-before-seen complications and using exquisite mechanics to create astonishing masterpieces, the revolutionary design of the case is scrupulously in keeping with the finest Swiss-made quality. The innovative Cintrée Curvex case was launched in the early 1990s. These are just some of the international success stories of FRANCK MULLER’s success.

FRANCK MULLER Complications

Complications created in the Geneva workshops can be divided into three categories: Grandes Complications, Grandes Complications and Grandes Complications. The world’s most complicated watches, often the world’s first, are presented at the annual independent Haute Horlogerie exhibitions held at the Franck Muller Group’s watchmaking headquarters in Genthod, where the achievements of the AETERNITAS (2006) and AETERNITAS MEGA (2007) collections are particularly appreciated. These two epoch-making creations are the expression of all the research that has gone into the creation of these two models, with a particular focus on combining the presentation of a number of surprising complications and the continuation of one of the most refined complications in the FRANCK MULLER watchmaking tradition: the tourbillon. The creation of AETERNITAS, FRANCK MULLER has given birth to five monumental timepieces, self-winding watches in the form of the Cintrée Curvex. The AETERNITAS perpetual calendar, unlike the traditional perpetual calendar, takes into account the Gregorian calendar, which stipulates that all years are leap years only if they can be divided by 400. In 2007, the AETERNITAS was incredibly enhanced with the Big and Small chime and the minute repeater with Westminster chimes: the AETERNITAS MEGA. The fourth version developed has become the world’s most complicated watch model, with 25 complications, five years of research and a price range of between two and three million Swiss francs. The two-axis tourbillon Revolution 2 (2003), and the three-axis tourbillon Revolution 3 (2004) and Evolution 3 (2004) are among the most important extreme functions created by the FRANCK MULLER brand. The other important extreme watch functions created by the FRANCK MULLER brand are the two-axis tourbillon Revolution 2 (2003) and the three-axis tourbillon Revolution 3 (2004) and the Evolution 3-1 Tourbillon (2005). It would be difficult to list the functions of the Grande Complication. They include the following various complications: the chronograph function, the retrograde, double or triple retrograde function, and the perpetual calendar. We would like to mention, in brief, the Seconde Déloyale, the Master Banker Tourbillon and the Master Banker Moonphase from 2005. Finally, the Playful Complications are arguably the watches that best represent the spirit of the FRANCK MULLER brand. The following are some of the most popular collections: the Vegas of 1999, with its patented design that allows the simulation of a roulette wheel, the Crazy Hours of 2003, where the time on the dial is displayed in an irregular sequence, and the Totally Crazy of 2005, where the hour and date displays are coordinated and also run in an irregular fashion. For the 2006 Secret Hours, the hour and minute hands always stop at 12 o’clock, and the correct time is indicated only when the 9 o’clock button is pressed. In addition, the 2006 Hour Retrograde and Moon Phase shows that the length of the interval between its retrograde hours depends on its importance: the happy hours are extended and amplified and the monotonous and tedious hours seem to be magically shortened. Ultimately, but also very importantly, it was a master’s eye that was used to create a watch exclusively for women. From traditional sizes to large-frame designs, from simple to highly complex functions and from casual chic to magnificent jewel-set cases. No woman can resist the glamorous beauty and appearance of these fascinating creations. Finally, in the 20 years since its creation, FRANCK MULLER has registered 53 patents.

History of the FRANCK MULLER Group


A true treasure, the FRANCK MULLER watch pushes the boundaries of design in terms of precision, both in terms of case shape and colour, and since 1991, many options have been developed to meet the needs of discerning customers. From the Classic Round, Cintrée Curvex, Conquistador, Long Island, Conquistador Cortez, Master Square, Galet, Art Déco, Tonneau and other case shapes, a wide range of sizes is available. A choice of four different case colours in K gold or platinum.

FRANCK MULLER – boutique

Armenia, Bulgaria, China, Taiwan, France, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates and the United States are the locations of a total of 36 FRANCK MULLER boutiques worldwide.

FRANCK MULLER Group – Group brands

From 1991 to 2008, a lot was achieved. In addition to the growth of the FRANCK MULLER range of products, the collection of abrasives has grown and successfully unified the nine brands of the FRANCK MULLER Group into one strong group: FRANCK MULLER, ECW, Pierre Kunz. Rodolphe, Alexis Barthelay, Backes & Strauss, Martin Braun, Pierre Michel Golay and Christian Huygens.


The FRANCK MULLER Group’s independent exhibition, WPHH (World Presentation of Haute Horlogerie), has been held since 1998 in Watchland, the watchmaking headquarters in Genthod.

FRANCK MULLER Group – Swiss Made

All the watches produced in the FRANCK MULLER group are 100% Swiss-made. Seventy percent of them are made in Geneva and Jura. This is the result of the management’s determination to maintain the quality of its products. They are confident that their products are made in Switzerland. In order to increase the number of locations and production capacity in the face of increasing production requirements, a major investment plan was necessary. A further expansion of the FRANCK MULLER Group will cost 50 million Swiss francs over the next two to four years, mainly in Geneva and Jura.

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FRANCK MULLER’s Christmas Sparkle Collection

As the Christmas season approaches, FRANCKMULLER, the Geneva-based Haute Horlogerie brand, offers a selection of exquisite watches, including the feminine and sporty Vanguard Lady, the classic and elegant DoubleMystery, the sporty Vanguard
replica Franck Muller watches S6Yachting and the stylish and innovative CrazyHours15. Celebrate the Christmas season with the Anniversary Asia Special Edition. It’s the perfect way to send a gesture of love to your loved one during the romantic festivities and to give her or him a sweet blessing on your wrist.

FRANCKMULLER Vanguard Lady Rose Gold Diamond Watch
FRANCKMULLER Vanguard Lady Stainless Steel Diamond Watch

Inspired by the classic lines of Cintrée Curvex, this watch further emphasizes the captivating elegance of the Vanguard collection. The Vanguard Lady is enhanced by sumptuous details that enhance its beauty. The sun-embossed dial with embossed numerals and crown adds a touch of elegance and luxury to this sporty timepiece.

FRANCKMULLER Double Mystery white gold diamond watch

The DoubleMystery reverses the traditional structure of a wristwatch by locating the minute counter outside the hour counter, creating a complex and subtle construction with different hour and minute counter speeds. Inside the classic round case, the rotating hour and minute hands follow the time across the dial and are accentuated by glittering diamonds, adding to the elegance and glamour of the watch.

FRANCKMULLERVanguardS6Yachting rose gold watch

The Vanguard S6 Yachting is luxuriously relaxing and calming against a gorgeous metal background. The openworked dial is adorned with a beautiful rose-gold hemisphere of the mainspring bridges and a small seconds counter at 6 o’clock, a breathtaking construction. The extraordinary style of this sporty timepiece is enhanced by its 7-day power reserve.

CrazyHours 15th Anniversary Asia Special Edition Rose Gold Watch

Fitted with FRANCKMULLER’s famous CintréeCurvex case, the CrazyHours 15th Anniversary Asia Special Edition is a watch with a distinctive personality. The dial shows the time in an unconventional way, expressing the quality of time as an abstract concept and providing a romantic surprise on the wrist of a loved one.

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Franck Muller The New Vanguard Collection

replica Franck Muller watches is characterized by its willingness to experiment, which it continues to bring to its avant-garde creations. The new Vanguard collection, with its simple and futuristic aesthetic, takes design in a new direction. The harmonious curves, perfect details and perfectly balanced proportions of the timepiece reveal its unique character, transforming elegance into dynamism and injecting a new sporty image.

Vanguard series watch side curve and details

Inspired by the classic Franck Muller tonneau shape, this time with its striking numerals. The three-dimensional numerals are meticulously crafted by hand, their striking design perfectly complementing the masculine crown of the dial.

Vanguard series watch side curve and details

Instead of the usual spring-loaded lugs, the watch has two concealed screws that allow the strap to be perfectly integrated into the case. The inside of the strap is made of rubber for a comfortable fit, while the outside is covered with alligator leather for an elegant look.

Vanguad series watch hand-crafted three-dimensional digital hour markers

Equipped with a self-winding movement and a case made of titanium, 18-carat pink gold or Ergal, the Vanguard collection is available in classic or chronograph variants, bringing Franck Muller’s innovative design to a new level with its masculine shape and distinctive style.

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This watch used to be “the doorstop of high society.”

Today, I’d like to talk about a watch that you all know, but probably don’t know much about: the Franck Muller yacht.

Franck Muller, in previous years, has been known as “replica Franck Muller watches“, in folk simply shortened to “Muller”. Later, Franck Muller officially changed its Chinese name to “Famulan”. The reason why I say we all know each other, but may not go deeper, is because the Famulan has a large circulation in domestic folklore, you players have all seen. But there are very few media to introduce the details of the watch and the specifics, even the information on the official website of Franck Muller, so I would like to say a few words.

Franck Muller Vanguard Series V45 Yacht

How did Famulan become popular?

When I was first introduced to watches, about 10 years ago, Famulan was very famous at the time. It was because of the Grand Complication that Famulan became famous. The Mega Series Grand Complication, a watch movement with 1,483 parts and 36 functions, was one of the most complicated watches in the watch world at that time. In addition, Famulan was also famous for its crazy time and oversized tourbillon. In addition, Famulan revived the tonneau-shaped case that was popular in the 1920s, making the regular three-hand models highly recognizable and instantly popular in the watchmaking world. It was worn by many of the most famous and wealthy people of the time, giving it the nickname “the battering ram of high society” (a reference to the social environment of the time).

A few years ago, Famulan had a store in China World Trade Phase 3, I also went there to try on watches, but it was closed down and replaced by another jewelry store. Now there is no Famulan store in Beijing, but there is in Shanghai. The good news is that Famulan has a relatively large circulation in China and there is no difficulty in buying a watch. At the same time, I also want to say that Famulan in circulation in the country a lot of models, like the yacht, Long Island, alligator are common models. There is also a large number of post-diamond modified watches. Among them, the V45 Yacht is a very beautiful and popular watch of Famulan.

Franck Muller Mega complex watch movement

Not only Rolex, many watch brands have “yacht” series, Famulan also have “yacht”, the domestic general called V45 yacht.V45 yacht, in fact, is one of the Famulan Vanguard series, is Famulan’s “Sport watch”. Famulan has been using the iconic huge tonneau-shaped case since 1991 (Famulan also has round and square watches). In the 1920s, these tonneau-shaped cases used to be very popular, as Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin had similar watches. Famulan was the first modern watchmaker to make the tonneau shape a hit (followed, of course, by Richard Mille, etc.).

A major feature of the Famulan tonneau type is the huge curved case, case and mirror. Because it’s a sports watch, a crown guard bridge extends over the side of the case. The case has no lugs, and the head and strap are integrated into one piece. The case is a sandwich construction, with the strap clamped in the center. The Famulan Yacht is a steel case, measuring 44 mm and 12.8 mm thick, but the actual size is very large, the watch has a length of 53.7 mm, it is a very large watch, people with small hands can easily hold it, for people with large hands. Plus, the case is fully polished, the hand is very conspicuous.

Franck Muller Yacht Oversized Tourbillon

Another feature of the Famulan watch is the runaway dial design. The large numerals flare outwards, and the hour markers come with luminescence, which is not only sharp, but also huge in size. The V45 Yacht has a more intricate dial decoration than the other watches in the Vanguard collection. The watch face is decorated with a compass on the inner ring and in the center. The outer compass is blue and the central compass is white, with huge white numerals, it has a strong contrast and is very cool. The outer rim of the dial is also decorated with numbers for the Earth’s longitude and latitude in the southeast and northwest, and the calendar window is located at the 6 o’clock position on the dial. The whole dial is very luxurious. The whole dial is very luxurious, which confirms the phrase “luxury on the surface of the water is more luxurious than under the surface of the water” (referring to the yacht-themed watches, which are more luxurious than diving watches, such as the difference between a Rolex steel-cased yacht and a steel-cased water ghost).

The movement of a Famulan watch is always rarely mentioned. With the exception of complicated watches, tourbillons, etc., Famulan mainly uses universal movements. The big three hands in the Famulan Vanguard series use the FM2800 movement, the Famulan reworked ETA 2892 movement. It has an oscillation frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour and a power of 42 hours. Famulan’s regular collection (other than complicated watches) has always been about design, plus the watches are opaque, but according to the information, Famulan has also done a good job of refinishing the movement, even though it is a general-purpose movement. There are Côtes de Genève, pearl-grained decoration, the bridges are beveled, while the screws that can be seen have been blued, including the automatic gyroscope. The level of movement decoration is still relatively high (although 2892 was used). Also Famulan uses the soprod A10 movement (also a universal movement) on some watches.

When it comes to Famulan, you can’t avoid the “back diamond”. To be honest, because a Faimulan watch is so well suited to diamonds, the huge case, dial, hour markers and diamonds are quite “trench”. The original diamond-set model, needless to say, the public price of more than 300,000 to 600,000 (depending on the number of diamonds), is too high. So many people just buy a steel case model and take it to set their own diamonds. To make a joke, Famulan circulated in the country “after diamond” watches, more than not set diamonds. As for the folk “back diamond”, the quality of the “back diamond” has its highs and lows. I can’t say it’s not good. A southern brother, I made a “diamond” Famulan, “diamond” also spent a lot of money, from the case to the dial, do the starry sky, the final effect is very good. I said it was a nightclub essential, wearing the most beautiful boy. It’s up to the individual to choose, I just remind you, for their own unfamiliar with the “diamond” watch, before starting, to do a good job testing.

Famulan is a watch that started out as a complicated watch, and today, there are still complicated watches like the Crazy Time and the Oversized Tourbillon that are unique to Famulan. But because cool models like the V45 Yacht, Long Island, and the Big Alligator are so eye-catching, many people overlook the fact that Famulan is actually a brand that makes complicated watches as well.

The public price of the steel-cased V45 Yacht of Famulan is 79,000, and like some of the carbon fiber ones in the Vanguard series, the public price will be a little higher. This metric price is relatively high among the steel case big three needles of mainstream watches. But taking into account the domestic circulation of Famulan quantity is more, under the discount, exchange rate, secondary market and other factors, the actual price is also possible (depending on the individual situation). The Famulan is one of the most personalized watches on the market. Veteran players, especially the mainstream brands have played once, Famulan can try.

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How about a Frank Muller watch? How’s the Frank Muller watch?

About Frank Mueller

replica Franck Muller watches , from Geneva, Switzerland, is one of the world’s most famous brands of fine watches and the object of admiration for countless celebrities of both sexes. Although it is considered a classic brand in the watch industry, Franck Muller has always enjoyed combining watchmaking expertise with unlimited creativity. Such as the sensational CRAZY HOURS – you’d think Franck Muller was joking if you hadn’t seen it in person! The Crazy Hours definitely lives up to its name, as the Arabic numerals on the Crazy Hours dial defy the laws of dials. The tonneau-shaped dial still has the 12 ART DECO-style Arabic numerals aligned on it, but the numerals are not arranged clockwise from 1 to 12. However, the time is not difficult to read.

  Franck MullerFranck Muller is an experienced watchmaker. More than ten years ago, he founded the watch brand that bears his name. The tonneau shape of the watch and the exaggerated numerals are the hallmarks and symbols of the Franck Muller brand.

The tonneau shape made Franck Muller’s name famous thanks to the vintage sentiment it evoked around the world. Today, although the brand has only been around for a little over a decade, it has already become a classic of the watch brand.

  In 2004, it launched the CASABLANCA 10th Anniversary Limited Edition. This model, with its giant face, is more regal than the usual Casablanca, and with its vintage tonneau-shaped watches and its coloured numerals, which subvert the traditional watch face, Franck Muller has been making a name for itself in the last couple of years. A collector’s item.

  Since 1983, FRANCK MULLER has been the driving force behind the movement to revive the art of Swiss watchmaking, thanks to his drive and talent. Over the past 20 years, FRANCK has dazzled with world-first titles and patented inventions, as well as challenges and major achievements. The technical complexity and aesthetic art of watchmaking are admired by watch lovers all over the world.

  Every year, FRANCK MULLER launches a world-first and unique complication watch that is eagerly awaited by collectors around the world.

  Following the Long Island 900, 1000 and 1100 collections in 2001, FRANCK MULLER is now releasing the flagship Long Island 1200 collection, a collection of timepieces based on FRANCK MULLER’s architectural aesthetics of the 1920s and 30s. The artistic style, the geometry of the case and the numerals on the dial, which are rich in decorative lines, give a glimpse of an aesthetic that originated in Paris and has had a strong influence on future generations.

  The new COLOR DREAMS is a timepiece designed to remind you of the days when you were carefree and full of laughter.

The CRAZY HOURS watch is another example of FRANCK MULLER’s fusion of watchmaking excellence and creativity. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I would have thought that FRANCK MULLER was joking with its many fans! Because the Arabic numeral arrangement on the CRAZY HOURS dial defies the laws of the dial display! It hides the unique craftsmanship of the watchmaker.

Most people are familiar with famous watch brands with a history ranging from 50 years to more than 100 years, which has not only helped them to build up their reputation, but has also become a guarantee of the quality of their watches. However, in the last ten years, the brand FRANCK MULLER has risen to prominence in the market for expensive watches, despite not having this background, and the reasons why are intriguing. The brand’s eponymous designer, Franck Muller, was a member of the Association of Independent Watchmakers (AHCI), an association of watchmakers who created watches with a high degree of complexity and exclusivity. FRANCK MULLER’s signature of creativity and complexity is evident in several distinctive models, such as the Crazy Hours and the Color Dreams, which have been launched in July 2007. The new models, which were launched in July 2007, are not only an addition to the deconstruction of the chronological order, but also feature the classic design of black diamonds and the Cintrée Curvex case. The “Sakura” collection, with its strong Japanese-inspired design, is the new Franck Muller collection.

How about a Franck Muller watch?

In 2012, the World Association of Luxury Goods released a list of the world’s 100 most valuable luxury brands. Franck Muller was selected as one of the world’s top ten watch brands. Franck Muller has beaten many of the kings of Swiss watchmaking because of its distinctive styling and extravagant numbers. When Franck Muller met Vartan Sirmakes in Geneva at the end of the 1980s, their passion for watchmaking made them a perfect match and, with their complementary experience, they began a brand story. At that time, Franck Muller was already producing his own watches, which he published under the name “Franck Geneve”. Every year since 1986, he has presented a world-first wristwatch whose complications have always fascinated the senses. At a young age, he has already earned the reputation of a watchmaking genius. Vartan Sirmakes, on the other hand, made cases for many of the best watchmakers in his own workshop in Geneva, on the shores of Lake Le Mans. The combination of these two geniuses, like Frank Muller, possessed both complex movements and top design. As a result, Frank Muller has become the favorite of many managers and celebrities. Frank Muller is not too niche in China, it is known to all watch enthusiasts. There are only four things that people remember about Frank Muller: the tonneau shape, the colorful numerals, the many models with all-diamond hearts, and the Crazy hour scale. And it’s these that have forged his restless brand philosophy, only ten years old, which is truly amazing. And this amazingly complex watchmaking technique and aesthetic art is highly sought after by watch lovers all over the world! As one of the world’s top watches, Frank Muller is priced at over 100,000 RMB and costs a lot of money to maintain, with ordinary models costing around 3500 RMB.

Frank Muller’s Hot Picks

Franck Muller CRAZY HOURS series 8880 CH COL DRM watch

Style: Mechanical Automatic, 39.5 x 55.3 mm, Men’s
Material: 18k white gold
Movement: FM 2001 HF
Frequency: 28,800 oscillations per hour
Number of gems: 23
Number of parts: 186
Power reserve: 42 hours
Dial shape: tonneau-shaped
Strap material: alligator leather
Water depth: 30 meters

Franck Muller AETERNITAS MEGA series 8888 GSW T CCR QPS NR watch

Style: Automatic, Men’s
Material: 18k white gold
Movement: FM 3480 QPS
Frequency: 18,000 oscillations per hour
Number of gems: 99
Number of parts: 1483
Power reserve: 72 hours
Dial color: black
Dial shape: tonneau-shaped
Strap material: alligator leather
Water depth: 30 meters
Functions: date, day of the week, month, perpetual calendar, moon phase, dual time zone, chronograph flyback/retrograde tourbillon